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I’m Not Sure The World Is Ready For These Brutal And Anonymous Confessions From Moms. Wow.

Having a child is a blessing. It’s unlike any other experience in life and most parents will tell you that. However, even though a family is an incredible thing, there may be times when parents just can’t take it anymore. In fact, the majority of working parents suffer from stress-related health problems. Parents, both new and old, reach a breaking point. There’s a time when temper tantrums, messy diapers and constant play time is just too much. So instead of keeping those frustrations in, they let the secrets fly on the Parenting Confessional Tumblr. At first, it was just funny. But now? These mommy secrets are intense!

1.) At least it gives him a good idea.

2.) At least you’re keeping it in the family.

3.) Honesty: it’s brutal.

4.) You may be using the TV too much.

5.) I have a feeling he doesn’t like signing.

6.) That would be pretty painful, though.

7.) The best reason to have a kid.

8.) She has her kid’s back.

9.) When you can’t blame the dog…

10.) They’ll never know the difference.

11.) This might by mommy’s fault.


13.) Nap time = heavenly adult alone time.

14.) Breastfeeding is kind of a drag that way.

15.) Woah, this is how you get chores done.

17.) If I buy the candy, I’m allowed to eat it.

18.) If your kid acts childish, maybe you should act childish, too.

(H/T Parenting Confessional) The creator of Parenting Confessional, Julia Fierro, also wrote a parenting novel called Cutting Teeth (available on Amazon). If you need help de-stressing from your own parenting woes, check out the Tumblr or the book. Or… you can just share these awesome (and terrible) secrets with others. Hey, we’re all in this together, except for those people without kids. Damn those flexible, de-stressed people.

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