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This Soldier’s Sketchbook Offers A Heartbreaking Look Into Life On The Battlefield

For civilians, imagining what it’s like to go to war is limited to what we see in photographs and what we hear in soldiers’ stories.

While we can try picture what many of these people dealt with, we’ll never really be able to see it through their eyes. However, one man’s drawings give us a glimpse into his wartime experiences. Before Victor A. Lundy became a renowned architect, he was a soldier in the U.S. 26th Infantry Division during World War II, and he even became a part of the Allied invasion of Normandy.

The then 21-year-old always had a sketchbook on him, in which he drew everyday scenes he encountered. What’s really special about the drawings is that they give one individual’s unique perspective of life on the battlefield. From training at Fort Jackson to being on the front lines in France, here is a small sampling of Lundy’s revealing sketches.

1. This sketch shows soldiers stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

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2. “Waiting to move.”

3. “Home sweet home.”

4. “Before pay day — shooting craps for cigarettes.”

5. “Shep, D-day.”

6. “Hard night, S/Sgt. Mozzi.”

7. “Planning a platoon attack.”

8. “Attack on a fortified position.”

9. “Goodbye Broadway, hello France!”

10. This sketch shows the view Lundy’s bunk on a ship headed to France.

11. “Convoy at dusk.”

12. “Night watch” on the ship.

13. In this sketch, we see soldiers disembarking in Cherbourg Harbor.

14. “Sea-plane hangar wrecked by Germans at Cherbourg.”

15. Soldiers were lined up and “ready to move by truck to our first camp in France.”

16. “Our first camp in Normandy at St. Martin d’Audeville,” where Lundy labelled one of the tents as “my home.”

17. “Cracking the Zeigfried line, air raid over Germany, seen on a morning hike.”

18. “House where Kane and I got the roast chicken and cognac.”

19. “Part of the Atlantic Wall, QuinĂ©ville 6 men from L Co. hurt here, 6 killed.”

20. “On a reconnaissance: Waiting for A Co. C.O. at Capt. Trescott’s O.P.”

21. “‘Pat’ (T/Sgt. Patenaude) zeroing in with the 60 mm mortars in front of the 3rd platoon.”

22. “One of the 4-men German patrol who didn’t get back.”

23. “‘Election day,’ waiting thru the rain in a truck — to hell with the showers!”

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If you’d like to check out more of Lundy’s sketches, you can find them on the Library Of Congress website.

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